I am an amateur cartoonist who’s been drawing surrealist cartoons for over ten years. I started drawing them purely for my own pleasure, but quickly found an interested audience with close friends and family.

In the past I’ve had some success getting his cartoons printed in small local publications. But that’s never been a big priority. Now, with a fairly decent body of work under his belt, I’ve decided to share some of them with the world via the Internet. I hopes you’ll enjoy them, pass this URL on to your friends and family, and help spread the word via social networks.

I’ve received a number of requests over the years from people interested in using my cartoons in their presentations, magazines, websites, etc. Please contact me to check if it’s okay, providing a brief explanation of what the intended usage is. Please note: any usage that requires the editing, cropping or modifying of my cartoons will definitely be denied. Also, any usage for overtly political purposes will probably be denied.


Doodle Dug (a.k.a. Andrew)

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